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Have you seen those late night commercial ads on television about Questchat or other live chats? You call them and they give you 30 minutes free trial to talk to local females.  With only 30 minutes of free trial chat the most girls numbers you can get is one or two numbers if your lucky.  These phone chat companies hide these free trial numbers in other state area codes so you cant find them.  I  got  over 1,900+ free trial minutes phone chat lines all together some are 120 minutes, 60 minutes 30 minutes you can call anywhere in the U.S.to meet local girls.  Questchat and others chat lines charge you $200 for 1,000+ minutes.  Now imagine you use my 1,900+ free trial minutes and you will get 30 to 50 or more girls numbers. The secret is that it don't matter what phone company you calling from becuase its all connected and linked into one live chat server.  I call this the mall, its where they put all the female live ads greetings from 50 states so you can talk to them & send live message.  They give girls free voicemail and live ad where men have to pay.  Theres always a female entering the live chat every 1 or 2 minutes. Who are these females, and why they come to chat?  Girls come to chat becuase first its free or becuase they are bored and lonley or they want to get away from their abusive boyfriend.  They just looking for a sweet caring nice guy to talk to.  These local woman can be your neibor, somebodys sister, young college girl that wants to party, some girl sitting at the office or some guys girlfriend.  The good thing about having 1,900+ free trial minutes is that when it ends you can use your buddys phone and get another 1,900+ free minutes.  They reset your number every 1 or 2 month so you can use the numbers over and over again.  Send me email to MIDDLEVIN@YAHOO.COM and I'll send it to you in text format.  

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